Looking to Invest in Property?

Whether you are looking to buy your first investment property or looking to review your current portfolio, creating wealth via property has proven to be a solid investment in Australia over a long, sustained period. There are many strategies that come into play when purchasing investment properties. These strategies include tax minimisation, generating cashflow, growth appreciation or possibly a combination. Here at FINANCIA, we are committed to providing the right advice to our clients. We leverage our strong relationships with Accountants, Tax Advisers, Quantity Surveyors & Financial Planners ensuring we connect you with up-to-date and accurate advice.

Many of our employees at FINANCIA are investors. This background provides an innate understanding of the finance world, complementing our ability to secure finance for the next investment purchase. We are happy to assist at any stage in your journey, whether you are just starting out, or looking to expand your existing investments.

At FINANCIA, we pride ourselves on delivering the best advice which meets your lifestyle and financial goals. We have a trusted reputation evidenced through our industry connections. FINANCIA has the experience to navigate and negotiate finance approvals through our extensive lender network to achieve a successful outcome.

Reviewing your current financial arrangements can enhance future borrowing power whilst also providing you with additional interest savings. A review of your current arrangements may provide an opportunity to purchase another investment, through accessing equity in an existing property. This may allow you to purchase your next investment property without contributing any cash upfront.

Some considerations when purchasing an investment property may include:

  • What is my primary objective?
  • Who will purchase the property? Do I need a new entity to be formed to purchase the property?
  • Do I know the expected rental income/yield?
  • What are the tax implications?
  • How much will a bank/lender let me borrow?
  • Shall I buy old or new? Is claiming depreciation a consideration?
  • What is my budget? What are my “out-of-pocket” expenses?
  • Do I have a desired location?
  • What type of loan do I need? i.e., fixed/variable/principal & interest/interest only/mixture of?

When purchasing an investment property, there are many factors involved when determining what type of property to buy, where to buy and how much for. We welcome the opportunity to assist and guide you through these challenging decisions. FINANCIA has access to several reputable, long-standing companies that solely specialise in providing advice and sourcing investment properties, helping make your decision a smooth process. We also have Property Managers who we can refer you to, who can take the pain out of finding a tenant and managing the property, bills, and inspections for you.

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