Lending and Finance for Medical Professionals & Allied Health

At Financia, we work closely with medical and allied health professionals, to save thousands of dollars in lending, at no extra cost. Our team of lending specialists achieve what is in your best interest and become a trusted partner across your lending solutions.

Do you have unique lending situations and looking to save your time and money?  We work directly with the banking sector and gain more value than they offer individually.

Financial Offers for Health and Medical Professionals

• Borrow 100% of new practise purchase including working capital

Fit-out finance, no repayments until covered by lease or chattel mortgage

• SMSF, borrow up to 90% for a commercial owner occupied property

Commercial property, up to 100% for owner occupiers, flexible repayment structure

• Residential, up to 100% owner occupied with no lending mortgage insurance

Medical Industry

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Medical Specialists

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Allied Health

How Financia Can Help

If it’s a time for change, Financia can help and support you with a wide range of loans and finance options.

Goodwill & Practise Purchase Loans

Are you looking to buy an established medical business and require funding? Do you have a desire to own your own private practise? We can help you with lending of the purchase price of up to 100% on an existing practise. The practise purchase loan includes working capital giving you the ability to not have to put down any assets in order to be approved. Using the Goodwill built up in the practise as the security loan, you’ll be able to access a higher annual turnover and client base from the previous tenants.

Fit Out Finance

Whether you are looking to relocate, purchase a new practise or ready to make your environment more aesthetically pleasing for clients, Financia can help with up to 100% lend for the cost of goods. Overtime, this can be drawn with progressive payments, meaning we can structure a loan that can save you cash flow.

Self-Managed Super Funds Loans

Medical professionals are using their super to invest in property for years, but it can also be used for business property purchases. Purchasing a practise or expanding your practise to new locations won’t be too much trouble. Financia can help you borrow up to 90% to purchase a commercial owner occupied property and 65% for residential investment property.

Equipment and Vehicle Finance

Whether it’s for personal or professional use, Financia can provide you with 100% lend with the ability to borrow up to $150,000 with minimal paperwork. If the equipment at your practise is requiring an upgrade, this is the perfect opportunity to make that change and ensure the very best equipment for your practise and workplace.

Commercial Property

Expanding to new locations is easy with Financia. We have the ability to negotiate and secure the best possible commercial property package for you. With the ability to borrow up to 100% for owner occupiers, repayment structure flexibility plus finance for GST and Stamp Duty.


If a home upgrade is on the horizon, Financia have the connections to ensure you get the best offer with no Lenders Mortgage Insurance. You’ll be able to borrow up to 100% for owner occupiers, and *$550k minimum loan amount for residential only deals.

Let Us Support You

Providing you with the very best finance and lending options for Medical Professionals & Allied Health.

At FINANCIA, when we think about what we can do for our clients, we think big. As experts in everything in finance, we work hard to deliver the absolute best plan for your needs, helping you or your business grow – creating wealth for today and the future.

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