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Buying Commercial Property or Looking for a Business Loan?

Are you purchasing a commercial property? Needing to fit out your new premises or require a new vehicle for your business? Do you need an overdraft to boost cashflow right now? Whatever your requirements are, we have the right team to cater for all your business needs, through a diverse range of lenders.

Do we deal with the big banks? Sure! Can we negotiate great rates and packages? Sure! We also have access to several other lenders that could, better meet your financial needs. FINANCIA likes to learn the ins and outs of your business plans, to recommend and secure the right loan for you and your business. Every lender adopts a different approach and policy for Commercial and/or Business Finance. It is our role to understand the best fit. Sometimes, there are huge variances between how much each bank and/or lender will be prepared to finance. We hold accreditations, through an extensive commercial lender network which provides the upper hand with negotiating the best possible rate and package for you and your business.

There are new, specialist, reputable lenders playing in the market who lend with a common sense approach. Many of these financiers lend money based on different metrics such as credits to bank statements, forecasts, percentage of turnover etc. Being in business is not just what is shown on the dotted line right?  Having access to a non-traditional approach to lending has helped many of our clients. Not everyone fits the box!

If you are seeking Commercial and/or Business Finance, pick up the phone or send us an email. You may also wish for us to review existing arrangements. Either way, we are here to help.

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