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Did you know that refinancing your loan could save you thousands of dollars in interest over the life of your loan? We understand that most people don’t have the time and resources to find the best loan product on the market. At FINANCIA, we can assist you with refinancing your lending to suit your goals and objectives. We look after your best interests and find a tailored loan solution to your individual circumstances.

Reasons why you may wish to consider refinancing your loan could include:

Consolidating debt

To simplify your current financial position, you may consider consolidating your personal debts into your home loan to make payments more manageable. This can include personal loans, credit cards, car loans etc.

Lowering your interest rate

By refinancing your loan and achieving a lower interest rate, you can reduce your minimum payments and the interest paid over the life of your loan. We can teach you some tricks to maximise your savings and/or meet your lifestyle objectives.

Looking to purchase a property

Refinancing may enable you to increase your borrowing capacity sometimes with a different lender.

Gain access to equity in your property

This equity may be used to renovate your current home, purchase an investment property, buy a new car or many other worthwhile purpose such as a holiday.

Product features

Are you looking for an offset account, redraw facility or the ability to make additional repayments to your loan? Perhaps your current loan product features don’t quite fit your needs. Refinancing your loan is a great way to ensure you are getting the most out of your loan features.

Unhappy with your current lender

We understand from time to time you may not be happy with your lender and understand that refinancing, is a great way to find a lender that will fit your requirements. Service and competitive interest rates may be a driver for you.

Here at Financia, we advocate reviewing your financial situation at least every 3 years, to ensure your loan reflects your current lifestyle and financial needs, as life continually changes.

Have you had a change in job?  A pay rise maybe?  Welcoming or planning a new addition to the family? Your lifestyle changes can significantly impact your loan requirements. As passionate Mortgage and Finance Brokers, our goal is to be with you through all the ever-changing aspects of your life.  We like to touch base and check-in, ensuring you are always in the best financial position to meet your ongoing needs!

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