Let Us Focus on Your Loan While You Focus on Your Business

At FINANCIA we understand self-employment. Owning a business has many advantages, however finding the right loan can sometimes prove to be tricky. We don’t just look at the facts and figures, we have a robust conversation with you to uncover your journey. By delving further into your business, we gain an understanding of what your future business looks like.

We have a large self-employed client base that operate within many diverse industries. From sole traders to the private business who employs over 500 staff, we have just about seen it all. There can be many twists and turns when it comes to finance including differing accounting structures, business tax debt, trust distributions, comprehending accounting losses, through to a new/short-term business to name a few. Our Brokers have the experience to work through which bank or lender has the appetite to take on the finance. It is not uncommon for us to have a collaborative brainstorming session to achieve the right approach. When we recommend an outcome, we have performed a substantial amount of work prior, entailing a carefully well-thought out and researched plan.

Our Team often liaises directly with our clients’ Accountants to collectively achieve the best result. We like to take the lead, allowing you to focus on what you do best – your Business. Our clients entrust us to do what we do best.

In some cases, self-employed clients require a ‘Lo Doc’ loan. Generally, this product is used where the self-employed client is unable to provide full tax financials to verify their current income. Typically, where ample property equity and/or deposit is evident, the guidelines for this type of facility can be more lenient. We have many lenders whom we have worked with for years who specialise predominantly in this field.

The different types of loans available for business owners, vary greatly between lenders. It is therefore important for us to understand your circumstances prior to providing the right advice and recommendation. As we too are business owners, we understand the challenges. We are on your side and work for you, not the banks or lenders. Get in contact with us. You may just be surprised at what we can achieve for you!

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